Cameras on boats to protect the oceans.

The commercial fishing industry has shown it can’t be trusted to self-monitor. From fish dumping to the killing of native dolphins, seabirds and seals, it’s clear we need cameras on boats to protect the biodiversity of the oceans.

It has been years since cameras on boats trials began under the National Government, revealing widespread illegal fish dumping, and failure to report the capture of dolphins, by the commercial fishing industry.

Successive National and Labour Governments both made commitments to delivering cameras on boats, but have failed to see it through. New Zealanders have had enough of the political pass the parcel. We refuse to wait any longer, and our struggling oceans can’t afford more delay tactics.

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I call on the NZ Govt to commit to implementing cameras on the whole commercial fishing fleet before the end of their term in 2023. I want to see a clear plan to meet this deadline and transparent reporting on progress of that plan.