Plastic pollution from companies like Coca Cola is trashing our way of life here in Aotearoa.

Single-use plastic bottles are one of the worst offenders. They are killing precious seabirds like toroa (albatross) and they wind up in landfills or incinerated offshore. Recycling is not working. To get serious about plastic we need to make Coca Cola turn off the plastic tap.

Greenpeace is calling on the government to ban single-use plastic drink bottles, and to help make this happen we need Coca Cola - one of the biggest producers of plastic bottles in New Zealand - to feel direct pressure. Coke has a responsibility to step up and be accountable for their waste by stopping plastic bottle production and implementing reusable and refillable alternatives instead.

Join the call now. Tell Coca Cola to stop choking oceans with plastic bottles, and share this message on social media when you’re done.

To get real action on plastic pollution, we need to see Coca Cola phase-out producing single-use plastic bottles and implement reusable and refillable alternatives instead. 

Tell Coca Cola New Zealand’s Managing Director Chris Litchfield to ditch plastic bottles now!

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Now, will you share this action with your friends? The more people who sign, the more support we can show for a ban on plastic drink bottles, and the stronger our case will be.

While the world faces the current pandemic, Greenpeace remains committed to protecting our oceans, fresh water and climate.

Our work is 100% funded by people like you. Without that ongoing support, we cannot continue. Will you chip in a regular contribution today to keep us in action? It could be $1 a day.

Greenpeace does not accept funding from governments or corporations so we can maintain a much needed independent voice and always put the planet top of the agenda. We rely on the generosity of our individual supporters like you to fund our work. Greenpeace New Zealand is an approved donee organisation. Donations of $5 or more are tax-deductible.

Tell Coca Cola to stop trashing oceans

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